Teaching healthy food habits early: How to make kids eat healthy…and enjoy it!
Cultivating healthy food habits, early in a child’s life, can have a major impact on the rest of their lives. Because diets directly impact other aspects of their lifestyle – learning, exercising, socializing, concentration, focus etc. – staff and administrators at Bethesda daycare consciously encourage children to eat healthy snacks and meals. For those healthy habits to bear fruit, however, it’s important for parents and home caregivers to continue encouraging kids to make healthy eating choices.
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Good Parenting Skills: How to discover my child’s passion
Kids are great at communicating their pleasure and displeasure about most things: Ask a parent of a 3-year-old, who tries to get their child to eat their veggies, or allows them to take their favorite toy to school, and you’ll know what I mean. But when it comes to articulating their passion for specific activities, subjects or skills – that’s a whole different ball game. Childcare specialists at daycare in Silver Spring MD, however, know a thing or two about spotting a child’s passion, and tapping into their full potential.
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