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3 months to 2 years
At MCCA, our Infant and Toddler program is designed to provide a joyful and engaging environment that promotes the growth and development of children. We prioritize building strong connections with young children by showering them with love and care. Cuddling, rocking, and offering comfort are at the forefront of our approach. Our committed teachers are dedicated to going above and beyond, actively involving the children in engaging learning activities through hands on exploration,, singing songs and reading captivating stories.
Physical activity is also an important part of our program with access to baby gyms, tummy time mats, and ample space for crawling, cruising, and taking their first steps. Additionally, we prioritize sensory exploration, providing various toys for manipulation, textured surfaces and fabrics for tactile experiences, and even a water table for water play on those warm days!
Working Parents Assistance
Subsidy funds may be available to assist with childcare costs for qualifying families in Montgomery County
Child Care Scholarship Program
The State of Maryland offers child care scholarships
to qualifying families