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MCCA Park Street

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Center Info
Carmen Bass
Karen Fajardo

1010 Grandin Avenue, Rockville, MD 20852

MSDE OCC License #32795

School Age
5 to 12 years
They say, “learning shouldn’t ever stop” – and we, at MCCA, couldn’t agree more! Whether it’s before the formal school day starts, or if it’s after your kids are done with their day in the classroom, our Park Street school age program ensures they’re always learning. Our passionate staff have created the program to function as a safe, fun-loving experience for school-age children to tap into – both before and after the formal school day.
Children of school age at Park Street and in the vicinity can connect with their fellow students in a safe environment, with our trained and experienced staff monitoring and encouraging them. From healthy and nutritious snacks, and loads of indoor and outdoor activities to indulge in, young school-age kids can expand their minds beyond the classrooms. Parents of our young students are also stress-free in the knowledge that their children are cared for and looked after by trained staff in a safe setting.
We’ve designed our Park Street school age program to complement the typical classroom experience of young school-age children. Kids connect with other kids to cooperate on school projects. They’ll discuss topics of interest with other like-minded peers. They’ll network and socialize with youngsters from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultural heritages, which enriches their own mental and intellectual capacities.
mcca teacher teaching kids 1
kids learning
From homework to group discussions, and from networking to learning and practicing the social skills they’ll need in the real world – it’s all available to children of school age at Park Street and communities in nearby neighborhoods. Learning, for these kids, continues both inside and outside the classroom, and happens before and after their regular school day!

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