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MCCA Park Street

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Carmen Bass
Karina Fuentes


MSDE OCC License #32795

3 months to 2 years
Park Street Infants and Toddlers program provides a nurturing environment that supports the unique strengths and needs of young children. In our program, we use the Creative Curriculum® for Infants and Toddlers. It's a special way of teaching that focuses on developing social emotional skills including talking, thinking, and moving their bodies. This research based curriculum uses a play-based approach to support early learning.
The Creative Curriculum® for Infants and Toddlers incorporates eight core experiences into the daily activities. Children engage in playing with toys, imitating and pretending, exploring stories and books, enjoying music and movement, participating in art activities, tasting and preparing food, exploring with sand and water, and spending time outdoors.
Through play children in our Park Street Infant and Toddler program develop motor skills, enhance language abilities, and practice social skills. Imaginative play and story time foster creativity and critical thinking. Music, movement, and art activities encourage self-expression and coordination. Experiences with food, sand, water, and outdoor play promote sensory exploration and a healthy lifestyle.
Maryland Toddler and Infant childcare facility
Maryland Toddler and Infant childcare facility
At MCCA, we provide a nurturing and enriching program that lays a strong foundation for your child's future. The Creative Curriculum® for Infants and Toddlers ensures a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate learning experience. Come join us on a thrilling adventure of exploration and learning, where your child will blossom and thrive.

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