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MCCA Beverly Farms Ivymount

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Center Info
Charity Williams
11614 Seven Locks Road, Potomac, MD 20854

MSDE OCC License #109128

Preschool Age
2 to 5 years
If you are a parent or guardian to young kids, then you’ll love what this program offers to Beverly Farms Ivymount preschool age children. Designed around the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) approved Creative Curriculum®, our program values individuality and personalization. And that’s what differentiates us from many other preschool programs in the vicinity!
We believe that each child is unique, and that their true personality can only be tapped into with learning and development approaches that address those individual needs. And that's what this program for children of preschool age at Beverly Farms Ivymount does: It uses a play-based approach to teach young kids everything they need to know about school readiness by tapping into each child’s individual needs.
Our professional staff use The Creative Curriculum®, as part of the Beverly Farms Ivymount preschool age program, to provide young kids support for a wide range of disciplines. These include Social-Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, the Arts and English Language Acquisition. As a result, preschoolers receive a well-grounded school readiness experience. The program fully prepares kids for what’s to come as they enter the school system.
kids building
kids building blocks
Though The Creative Curriculum® is play-based, young kids of preschool age in Beverly Farms Ivymount and surrounding communities do more than just playing. Our committed team of early childhood learning professionals equip the preschoolers with a range of other invaluable skills. These include learning to get along with others, playing and sharing in groups, and working on play projects with their peers – the skills to get them school ready at their own pace.

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