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MCCA Arcola

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 9:00 am
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Center Info
Alena Tobolkova
1820 Franwall Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902

MSDE OCC License #151220

School Age
5 to 12 years
The Arcola school age program has been designed as a safe and fun way to complement your child’s existing school day. Whether it’s before the regular school day begins, or once the day’s schooling has ended, you’ll have peace of mind that your child is in a safe environment where they can socialize with their peers, have fun, and learn and play with their friends. Kids benefit from a combination of individual and group activities, which help them develop talents and skills they’ll use beyond the classroom, and in the real world.
School age kids in Arcola and nearby communities benefit greatly from our uniquely designed program, which caters to a broad array of kids’ interests and hobbies. Kids are encouraged to network freely in an out-of-classroom environment, build new friendships and strengthen existing bonds, and explore new ideas and interesting pursuits. From academic pursuits, like homework time, to health-focused nutritious snacks, to a wide choice of indoor and outdoor games, and an array of creative activities such as arts and crafts, the Arcola school age curriculum blends it all into a well-balanced before and after-school program.
Our knowledgeable, caring, and ever diligent staff have a keen sense for the welfare of kids of school age in Arcola and its vicinity. Their passion and experience are what make our program an exceptional choice for all our school age kids. Every child is viewed as an individual and receives unique attention and encouragement based on his/her specific emotional, social, and academic needs.
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Working Parents Assistance
Subsidy funds may be available to assist with childcare costs for qualifying families in Montgomery County
Child Care Scholarship Program
The State of Maryland offers child care scholarships
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