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The Importance of Summer Programs for School-Age Children

It’s hard to believe, but summer events are already being planned. Families plan early to make sure their kids get into the best summer program, and summer programs plan early to make sure they have the best things to offer kids. But why are people so rushed? What does it matter? Here are some of the best reasons as to why summer programs are so important for school-age children, according to leaders of school age programs in Gaithersburg, MD.


Summer programs are great because they give kids a chance to make friends and meet new people. Kids often have trouble making or keeping friends with kids their own age during the summer. Most kids say that when they’re not at school, they mostly hang out with adults, their siblings, and cousins instead of kids their own age.

Kids learn useful life skills like problem-solving, sharing, and setting limits when they interact with others. They also learn how to build strong, healthy relationships when they engage with their peers. There is a safe place for kids to learn how to make friends, make decisions, and maybe even enjoy the outdoors at a summer camp.

In fact, making friends as a child may be better for growth and development than reading or eating veggies. From early childhood to adolescence, a fun place like a summer program at a Gaithersburg child care center is a great way to support this in your own kids.

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Keeps Kids Active

Kids stay busy with summer programs! Our world is becoming more and more focused on screens, like TVs, computers, apps, and phones. But kids need to get some exercise to stay healthy! In fact, being inactive is the main reason people get sick and can’t work in the US right now, and it starts in youth. The worst part is that working out a little

can avoid most of it.

Finding fun ways to keep your kids busy and limiting their screen time at home during the summer can be hard. Summer camp is a great way to do both. More than half of these programs take place outside and offer kids a variety of fun and healthy things to do. The kids will not only have fun and get out of the house, but they will also get some good exercise by doing things like swimming, archery, horseback rides, hiking, and team sports.

Letting your kids play outside and meet new kids in the summer is a great way to broaden their horizons and give them a taste of a whole new world. This summer is not the time to stay inside and watch TV. Get outside and have fun!

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Create Memories

As adults, many people say that some of their best memories are from summer programs when they were kids. Kids today miss out on some of the simple things that people used to do before technology. There is a lot of value in the fact that times have changed, but there is nothing like keeping those simple, unplugged childhood memories alive.

At a summer program, they learn how to make decisions, be a leader, get along with others, and get a lot of exercise! Yes, your child may miss their phone, tablet, or game system at first, but once they start exploring, making friends, doing different activities, and going on new adventures, they will leave summer camp with stories, photos, memories, and life lessons that will last a lifetime.

Exposure to Positive Role Models

Another benefit of summer programs is that they allow your child to meet good adult role models. At a summer camp, most leaders are young people who want to volunteer or work part-time during the summer while they are off from college. These leaders are active, and kids think they’re “cool” and sometimes easier to relate to than their own parents. In the lives of your children, this can be very helpful.

Kids sometimes find it helpful to see what their lives might be like in a few short years. If the “cool camp counselor” is honest and has good character, your child is likely to be like them. Working with other kids or teens also makes them feel like they are part of a group. Having these ties with role models can help kids gain the self-esteem, confidence, and skills they need to do well in school and in life. A child or teen is more likely to do well in all parts of their life, even after summer camp is over if they have more healthy, positive relationships with adults.

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Personal Growth and Development

Most summer programs are centered around some kind of theme or include learning, exploring, building character, and growing as a person. If you want to find fun things for your kids to do this summer, you can look into different types of camps, like sports camps, cooking camps, art camps, science camps, and many more. You can be sure that your child will have fun, learn, and be pushed. Not only are they having fun and exploring their own hobbies, but they are also learning new things and becoming more self-aware and good at working together.

Researchers have found that 70% of parents whose kids go to summer programs say that their children gained confidence while they were there. One of the many good things that can happen at a summer program for your child is that they will develop a strong sense of who they are. Learning about themselves and the world outside of school can be very helpful for kids’ growth and development.

Final Thoughts

Families can also benefit from summer programs as well as child care in Gaithersburg, MD. Day camps are not only fun places for kids to spend the day, but they are also good for parents who need to be able to change their schedules to work. Some parents send their kids to a sleep-away camp, but that’s not always the best choice for the kids and parents. Day programs keep kids close to home and let parents talk to group leaders, directors, and staff as often as they want to ensure the kids get the best care.

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