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Kids Chores and Responsibilities

Helping at Home: Chores and Responsibilities that Encourage a Sense of Contribution

Most people believe that everyone should “pitch in” and help with taking care of the house. Our Silver Spring child care center teaches children how to clean up after themselves while in attendance, so why not follow their lead at home? Some parents might wonder if it’s “okay” to ask their kids to do chores around the house, or they might feel bad about asking their kids to do something they could do themselves. What they might not know is that giving your child chores and tasks is an essential part of their development.

Importance of Chores

When they are aware that they are contributing to the smooth operation of the family, many kids are inherently more likely to do duties willingly. Your youngster will feel more accomplished after doing the chores by knowing that cleaning the dishes and sweeping the floor after supper gives you time to catch up on emails or make tomorrow’s grocery list.

Additionally, putting duties into this perspective may help your child become more aware of the needs of those around them and encourage them to look for opportunities to assist those in need while attending child care in Silver Spring, MD. The sense of “togetherness” your child will have due to realizing that everyone in the family contributes to a common goal is priceless. It will go a long way toward motivating them to perform their share of tasks each week without grumbling.

Likely, your child won’t love completing their duties even when they can understand that doing them is a hardship you all must shoulder jointly. When kids are young, it might be fun to make chores into games (like competing to see who can clean their toilet the fastest), but as they get older, the novelty of this strategy is sure to wear off.

The fact that such duties are no longer enjoyable does not make them any less important. As a result, while your child is concentrating on cleaning the vehicle or collecting up their toys, they are automatically delaying doing something more enjoyable to do the task at hand.

Your child’s capacity to put their responsibilities first, even when faced with more immediately desirable choices, is a talent that will serve them well throughout their life. Your youngster may cultivate a responsible mentality by participating in various activities, including picking up after themselves in their after school program in Silver Spring, MD, and cleaning up around home.

Kids helping with dishes

Best Chores for 4- and 5-Year Olds

The best thing about kids in preschool is that they still want to help out a lot. Preschoolers love one-on-one time with adults as well. If you take the time to teach them new chores one-on-one, they usually love it. Many kids are ready to do chores at this age without being watched constantly. They also like getting gifts. Try giving them a chart with daily tasks and stickers that they can use to save up for bigger prizes. Some children would do well with jobs that earn them money. This can also help them become more independent by letting them choose their own prize.

Some of the best chores for kids this age include:

  • Helping to cook meals
  • Helping with groceries
  • Cleaning their own room
  • Washing small dishes
  • Setting the table

Kids helping to cook

Best Chores for Kids 6 to 8 Years Old

Even though kids in school may not be as excited about doing chores, they have other skills that make them good at them. Most kids in school really want to be able to do things on their own. Parents and other adults can help kids learn to do their work independently by using job charts to track what they need to do. Children will be more likely to keep working if they can see what they’ve already done.

Some additional chores in addition to the ones above include:

  • Helping take care of the family pets
  • Making their own lunches and snacks
  • Helping with laundry
  • Taking the trash out
  • Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping of floors

Kids helping with their younger siblings

Best Chores for Kids 9 to 12 Years Old

Kids will like having a plan and knowing what to expect at this age. Give them a lot of work they didn’t expect, and watch them get angry. If you can make a plan or method with their help, the change will go smoothly. Find a method that works well for your family. Try not to change it without the help and feedback of the people who will be affected by it. Part of this system should discuss awards and punishments so that the effects are clear and can be planned.

Some additional chores to add at this age include:

  • Loading the dishwasher
  • Cleaning parts of the bathroom
  • Doing their own laundry
  • Preparing dinner one night a week
  • Watching younger siblings
  • Raking leaves

kids baking cookies

Best Chores for Kids 13 and Older

Most teens can do almost any job around the house if they have been taught how. Teenagers’ busy lives are something you should be aware of. Teenagers can have a hard time keeping up with an impossible amount of work, just like adults do when they have too much to do. Monitor your teen’s routine and school obligations, and change events and chores as needed.

Additional chores you can include, in addition to any of the ones above, are:

  • Cleaning the entire bathroom
  • Cleaning windows
  • Cleaning the entire kitchen
  • Dusting
  • Yardwork
  • Helping with odd jobs around the house

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that kids grow up at different rates, and not all kids can do more complicated jobs at the same age. In the same way, kids who take part in school age programs in Silver Spring, MD, may be ready to do harder jobs at a younger age. You are the best person to keep an eye on your child and figure out his or her wants and skills. As kids get better at the easy tasks, you can give them more difficult ones. It’s easy to let kids keep doing the same jobs because they’re good at them, but it’s better for them, in the long run, to give them new ones every once in a while. Set up a “training period” where they do new jobs, and you teach them how to do them.

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