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Fun and Educational Activities for School-Age Children: Keeping Them Engaged After School

After a long school day, school-age children may want to do nothing but play electronic games. That’s because children want to avoid getting involved in any activity that’s physically or mentally taxing after attending a regular school day.

However, if children participate in games and activities that support their overall health, it can be a great way to channel their energy.

Here are some indoor/outdoor after-school activities you can plan for school-age children in Arcola, MD.


While some children prefer a peaceful time after school, others require physical activity. Parents and childcare facilities should care for children’s physical needs by planning exercise routines appropriate for their age. The goal of these workouts should be to improve their agility and overall health.

Story Sessions

Reading a children’s book while curled on cushions or a sofa on the floor is a great way to unwind after educational lessons. Allow children to pick a book from the bookshelf or give them options to choose a book.


Sudoku is a brilliant activity for your child since it requires them to solve puzzles using math. This not only helps children relax but also helps them improve their math knowledge and enhance their problem-solving skills.


You could play calming or relaxing songs as background music for some of the before or after-school activities. Whether children are painting, baking, or exercising, music uplifts their spirits and helps calm their racing minds.

After School Program Maryland

Arts and Crafts

School-age children who prefer painting, drawing, or creating artwork greatly enjoy art-based activities. Provide creative and colorful material to these kids and let them be creative with their artwork. But you can also teach them basic drawing and painting techniques.

Public Service

Children can learn about social issues by doing charity work or through volunteering. Many religious, social, and community groups offer volunteering opportunities for children. While this activity may not be possible for toddlers or young kids, older children can contribute to cleaning drives or fundraising events. These activities help them develop strong leadership and teamwork skills.

After School Program Maryland

Mindfulness Sessions

Stretching exercises are great for improving the physical fitness of young children. But if you want to enhance the emotional well-being of small children, mindfulness can play a crucial role.

Children can benefit greatly from mindfulness because it helps them overcome daily challenges. They can learn to recognize all their negative and unpleasant emotions. That also gives them a better chance to know about their inner self.

Play a Game of Trivia

Educators and parents can help their children review the concepts acquired during the year through a fun trivia game. Teams of four to five children can work together to provide answers to questions on various subjects or themes. Award one point to each group for each correct response.

Play a Word Guessing Game

Children will enjoy competing in teams to determine which group can correctly guess the most vocabulary words in this game. It would help if you started with simple vocabulary words and progressed to more complex concepts after every round.


Promote children’s creativity by allowing them to try out their sculpting skills. Let them make small sculptures of toys or their favorite characters and encourage them to present them to their class.

Children will also develop their observational skills and develop creative ways to use materials they find outdoors and inside their homes.

Coloring Books

The benefits of mindful coloring are manifold. It improves fine motor skills and enhances creativity. Choose coloring books with simple and fun tasks to keep children entertained.

Spending 15 to 20 minutes coloring pictures helps children relieve stress before or after school. This activity is popular among school-age children; even high-school and university children are turning to adult coloring books for the same benefits.

Cup Stacking Games

These games are a valuable way to teach children about teamwork and patience. Working together to build a pyramid will be fun for each child. Let them attempt it a few times so the children can practice their teamwork abilities. It improves the hand-eye coordination and fine motor schools of children. Using education stacking cups can help you reinforce mathematical and linguistic concepts in a fun way.

After School Program Maryland

Go on a Bug Hunt

You can encourage your children to get outdoors with a fun bug search game. Let them explore their surroundings to find out the different types of bugs they come across. That’s a great way of teaching them about various insects while improving their agility. They may have to jump over things, climb trees, or crouch and contort their bodies to explore narrow spaces. Use phrases like ‘on tree trunks’ and ‘under leaves and rocks’ to help them find a variety of tiny creatures.

Benefits of After-School Activities for School-Age Children

An after-school program can easily take care of the dreaded after-school hours into fruitful learning time. This is a significant advantage, particularly for children who think and learn differently. Group and individual activities help children develop skills and abilities they will use outside the classroom and in the real world.

Many after-school programs offer homework assistance, benefiting children who struggle with schoolwork at home or cannot sit down to complete their work. Getting things done after school can give children more time in the evening to spend quality time with their parents.

Get Your Child Enrolled in MCCA Arcola School Age Program

The Arcola school-age program at Montgomery Childcare Association is designed to be an entertaining and safe addition to your child’s regular school day. We provide healthy and nutritious snacks, various indoor and outdoor games, and a mix of creative activities, all of which are part of the Arcola school-age curriculum.

Children in our programs enjoy time with their friends, play games, create art, and learn about new and intriguing topics. Our staff assists each child in developing the social and emotional skills necessary for academic success and personal growth.

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