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Family-Friendly Weekend Activities: Making the Most of Quality Time

Struggling to find activities that can delight everyone in your family? Don’t worry! These are great things to do with your kids on the weekends when you all need to get out of the house. Even better, if you don’t want to drive anywhere, there are also activities you can do at your house. No matter the weather, you can find something for everyone with some of these great suggestions from some of the best caregivers who work in child care in Olney, MD.

Outdoor Sports

No matter where you live, whether somewhere warm all year or somewhere that gets snow and ice in the winter, there is always an outdoor game that the whole family can enjoy. Biking is a great thing to do outside when the weather is nice, and you don’t need any gear to do it. Many bike shops in the area give out bikes and safety gear; they will even ensure your helmet and pads fit right. If it’s supposed to snow, bundle up and go to the nearest ski spot. Again, you can rent the gear, and a trained ski instructor will have you gliding down the slopes in no time. Look for deals that include lessons for children as well.

Capture the Flag

You’ll need at least six people and two pieces of fabric cut into flags of different colors. With flour as a guide, split your yard into two courts, each about 12 feet by 12 feet. Make two teams, and have each person put a flag on the back line of their team’s court.

From their flag line, players run to the other side of the field and try to steal one of the other team’s flags. If a person is tagged, they are out of the game and must stand behind the line of flags for the other team. If they take a flag, they are safe and can return to court. The winner is the team that gets all of the other team’s flags first.

Camping with Kids


Caregivers at day care in Olney, MD, share that getting out in nature for the weekend is a fun way to spend quality time together. Grab the bug spray, set up a tent, and roast marshmallows while telling ghost stories around the campfire. If you can’t get away for the weekend to a park, have your own camping night in the backyard. Ask your kids to name the different sounds that animals and bugs make, or have them gather things from the backyard for a special project. Even though it might not be a good idea to build a fire, you can grill hot dogs and tell scary stories by the light of a flashlight or portable lamp. Set up a tent or sleep in sleeping bags under the stars at night. It’s amazing how, at night, your own yard can look like a natural paradise.

Star Gazing

Download a star chart to get started on this fun family project. Then, pick a spot in your yard where you can see the stars clearly and go outside to see how the night sky changes every day. Also, letting your kids get some fresh air before bedtime might help them sleep.

family doing a bike ride

Sporting Event

Who doesn’t get excited about watching a sport in person? Put on your favorite player’s jersey and take the whole gang out to the ballpark or stadium to cheer on your favorite professional sports team. Get yourself a hot dog and some peanuts, find a comfortable seat, and cheer on your favorite team to victory.

Backyard Picnic

Make a standard picnic lunch, like sandwiches, cut-up fruit, and chips. Put everything in a basket and bring it to your picnic spot, whether it’s a blanket on the grass or a backyard table. Everyone in your family will get some fresh air and vitamin D.

Little boy watching and feeding giraffe at the zoo


Visit the local zoo with the whole family. Visit the exhibits for each animal and see how much your kids know about them. The petting zoo is a great place for little kids to meet friendly animals with fur. Older kids will enjoy listening to a professional expert give a talk about the different places wild animals live and what they eat.

If you live in or near a big city, you probably have a science center nearby. Your child can explore the many exhibits covering everything from sea life to astronomy and everything in between. Be sure to catch a talk, a live performance, or an IMAX showing to learn more about interesting topics. The schedule of shows changes often.

Put Together Puzzles

Solving a puzzle might become more achievable when everyone contributes their efforts. Pick one that captures a sight or area that is significant to you. For example, if you and your family enjoy Disney movies, find a puzzle of your favorite movie. You can even glue the puzzle together and hang it in your front room upon completion.

Family Creating a Puzzle while eating milk and cookies

Taste Testing

Pick a dish from another part of the world that your kids haven’t had before, like Thai food. Locate the nation on a globe or map, and then read a brief introduction to that country’s culture either in an encyclopedia or on the Internet. Then, for lunch or dinner, prepare a dish considered to be that country’s national food, such as Pad Thai.

Final Thoughts

According to experts and those who work in child care in Olney, MD, spending time together builds the family bond, helps your child do better in school, helps your kids, and gives you more skills as a parent. This makes it less likely that your child will get into violence, use drugs, or have behavior problems like aggression, which are very common in kids today. Families don’t spend as much time together as they used to because of things like TV, computer games, and cell phones. Some families set aside one night a week to do something fun together, while others will enjoy themselves the entire weekend.

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