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school age programs in Brookeville, MD

Building Strong Relationships: How Before and After School Care Fosters Social Skills

Aside from giving kids a safe place to stay, before- and after-school care programs give kids a place to learn and improve their social skills. Children’s early years are a crucial time for them to learn how to get along with others. Children with good social skills can get along with others, speak well, and make friends. These skills also help kids find peaceful ways to solve problems and work with others.

Building social skills benefits children immediately but also benefits them as they grow up. They help kids get along better with each other and grow as people. Social skills are not built overnight; it takes time and effort, so finding the right school age programs in Brookeville, MD, to help build these skills is crucial.

Teaches Kids to Share

Before and after school care is a great way for kids to learn how to get along with others and share. Sharing is a simple way to get to know the people around you. When asked to share their things with others, young school-aged children often don’t know what to say. They might see the world as a race where they need to get as much as possible or worry that there might not be enough for them. It’s important to teach kids early on that giving is a kind thing to do. When kids share, they show that they care about each other.

Sharing also teaches kids to care about other people. They start to wonder what the other person might want or need. In many social settings, this is a very important skill to have.   Learning how to share also helps kids get along with other people. When they share, they show that they trust and care about each other.

Creates Strong Friendships

A great thing about an after school program in Brookeville, MD, is that it gives kids the chance to make new friends. Making friends is an important part of a child’s social growth. When kids have friends, they have someone they can talk to, share their stories with, and count on. They also teach kids how to work together, make deals, and fix problems.

Children with good friendships are generally less anxious and often succeed in all areas of their lives. Depending on the service, children in after school programs can meet potential friends from different grades, classes, and even schools.

school age programs in Brookeville, MD

Teaches the Importance of Eye Contact

Children can learn important social skills before and after school care, like making eye contact.   It’s important for conversation and shows the other person that you care about what they have to say and are listening. It can also make the other person feel more at ease and appreciated. This is a hard social skill for kids to learn. They might be shy or find it hard to pay attention. But with work, they can learn to make eye contact and use it to interact better with others.

Teach Good Listening Skills

Before and after school care is a good time for kids to work on their social skills and listening skills. Children should learn to listen well because it helps them in all parts of their lives, from school to making friends. When kids learn to listen, they can understand and follow directions better. They can also improve their ties with other people because they will be able to talk to them better.

Children can use their listening skills in many ways during before- and after-school care. One way is to do things as a group. When kids participate in group activities, they learn to pay attention to what others say and do what they say. They also learn to get along with each other and work as a team. Having one-on-one conversations with people is another way for kids to learn how to listen. Through these exchanges, children can practice their listening skills in a safe and nice setting.

school age programs in Brookeville, MD

Build Confidence

Building confidence is a good way to improve at talking to people and making friends. When kids feel good about themselves, it’s easier for them to make new friends and have good times with them.

One great way to do this is to get your child involved in things that happen in groups. This gives them the chance to talk to other kids and adults and practice their social skills. Group activities also help kids learn to get along with each other and work as a team by giving them a chance to talk, play, and help each other with chores while also sharing their own ideas.

Positive reinforcement is another way to get kids to do what we want them to do. Children are more likely to keep using the skills they have learned if their parents, teachers, or friends praise them for their work. This helps kids feel good about themselves and supports the good things they do.

At after school child care in Brookeville, MD, kids can learn to understand their own feelings, gain confidence, and improve their ability to talk to others. They will need these skills for the rest of their lives.

Build Skills Through Play

When we hear the term “imaginative play,” many of us might think of outfits and props. We might also remember “playing house” or pretending to run a restaurant, school, or store as kids. Even though these tried-and-true activities are still great ways for kids to have fun and learn to work together, they require more than just fun clothes or a small food set.

When an adult watches kids playing make-believe, they can keep an eye out for kids who are standing back or being left out. They can gently help those kids join in, give them words they can use to ask to play or give them a job that needs to be done. The key is to give kids a lot of time to talk things out and find solutions.


By enrolling your children in a safe and secure Brookeville child care center, you can be assured that children will have the opportunity to learn and establish a firm foundation of the social-emotional skills they will need for the rest of their life.

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