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Quick and Nutritious Snacks
Quick and Nutritious Snacks for Busy Afternoons
Whole foods can help ensure your kids' snack time is a healthy part of their daily diet. Just like adults, kids need a lot of protein, carbohydrates, and fat for energy. They also need minerals and the alphabet of vitamins for strong immune systems and healthy cell growth and function.
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Healthy Snack Ideas
Healthy Snack Ideas: How you can give your kids fruits and veggies for snack time – and make them love it!
Kids are fussy eaters – and Olney daycare staff are likely the first ones to admit that! However, these dedicated and trained child care professionals know that feeding healthy snacks is also critical. While child care professionals have the advantage of training and experience to guide them in making healthy snacks, here are some great ideas for parents to try at home. Kids will eat healthy…and they’ll love it!
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