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preschooler sleep training and tips
Preschooler Sleep Routines and Tips
It won't be easy to teach your child how to calm down and fall asleep on their own. That will take time. Preschooler sleep training can be hard on both you and your child.
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Mother comforting her preschooler
Positive Discipline Techniques for Preschoolers
When you use these five tried-and-true examples of positive punishment instead of getting angry, you teach your child that it is possible to handle frustrating situations without getting into a fight.
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Preschool boy smiling happy playing on the playground.
Balancing Playtime and Learning for Preschoolers
You might not realize it, but play allows your child to learn about the world while they explore and test their limits. At the same time, they are doing something that makes them happy or entertained.
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Tips for Parents of Preschoolers
Navigating Separation Anxiety: Tips for Parents of Preschoolers
It can be difficult to drop off a new preschooler at a child care center. And it's not always hard on the kid; some parents struggle more than their children. Some children skip into their first classroom and don't even turn around, but others scream, cry, or beg you not to leave them. These kids may be going through a phase known as separation anxiety, in which the thought of losing a parent creates worry.
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Encourage Helpfulness and Kindness in Children
How to Encourage Helpfulness and Kindness in Children
Even before they start being kind, your kids can feel what it's like to be in someone else's shoes. You can teach them about understanding, giving, and kindness in a way that makes sense to them if they think about how they feel
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kids water safety
Water Safety Watchwords for Childcare Givers: The importance of water safety for kids
According to the Childrens Safety Network (CSN), there are nearly 3,700 unintentional drowning-related deaths recorded annually in the U.S. Over 24% of those (more than 900) involve children and adolescents between ages 0 to 19. These are scary numbers, but they’re even scarier for caregivers of younger children.
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Toys for Outdoor Play
Choosing The Best Toys for Outdoor Play: When safety and fun can come together
Kids of all ages, from toddler and preschoolers, to school-age children and beyond, need to get outdoors as often as possible. Outdoor fun and games offer both mental and physical benefits, and that’s why kids at our daycare in Rockville, MD experience scheduled activities outside of the classroom.
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toys best for preschoolers
Which toys are best for preschoolers?
If there’s one thing common about kids of all ages, it’s toys – and kids enrolled at our Olney daycare have access to a lot of them! At home, you can get creative too.
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Healthy Snack Ideas
Healthy Snack Ideas: How you can give your kids fruits and veggies for snack time – and make them love it!
Kids are fussy eaters – and Olney daycare staff are likely the first ones to admit that! However, these dedicated and trained child care professionals know that feeding healthy snacks is also critical. While child care professionals have the advantage of training and experience to guide them in making healthy snacks, here are some great ideas for parents to try at home. Kids will eat healthy…and they’ll love it!
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Social-Emotional Learning, Childcare in Maryland
Social-Emotional learning in preschool age children: How early childhood educators, parents and caregivers play their part
Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is an area of childhood development where young kids grasp how to interact with others. They also learn (consciously and subconsciously) about various emotions, and how to control them and respond to them. While the SEL development process begins at birth, preschoolers attending our daycare in Rockville, MD benefit from an environment that also helps develop their various social and emotional aspects. By focusing on all developmental areas, the Creative Curriculum® targets developing the “whole child”.
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Teaching preschoolers responsibility: It’s a partly acquired and mostly learned trait
There’s no greater satisfaction for a young child, than to accomplish something that they’re responsible for. Staff and teachers at Silver Spring preschool know that discharging those responsibilities successfully, and consistently, is vital for building self-confidence in children. And knowing they’re responsible for doing something – even something as small as leading a group of youngsters out of class and onto the playground – can be a huge morale booster. The challenge for parents, teachers and home caregivers, however, is how to teach preschoolers about responsibility.
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The importance of simple chores for kids
Participating in simple chores, whether it’s around the home, when living with grandparents or family as part of family homecare support, or in a Bethesda daycare center, is critical for young kids.
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kids coping strategies
Coping Strategies for Kids: Building resilience in kids to face uncertainty and stressful times
It’s hard for adults to cope with the day-to-day vagaries of life, with many adults feeling stressed-out, burned-out, and mentally depressed. The recent health crisis has also added a significant burden to that coping stress. But, professionals at the Rockville daycare center know, that trying to cope in today’s world isn’t just an “adult thing”.
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Why Playtime is important for preschoolers
There’s an age old saying that goes: “All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl!”. While that might seem quaint, in some respects today, the trained staff at daycare in Olney know the wisdom of that saying well.
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