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Various snack foods on the table, including chips, pretzels, nuts and seeds.
Top 5 Kid-Friendly Healthy Snack Swaps You Must Try!
There is nothing better than eating our favorite snacks while we work, watch a movie, or talk with friends, right? While the answer to that question might be yes, ensuring we have the right snacks is crucial!
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Adorable toddlers playing with colorful toys
Teaching Manners to Toddlers
Teaching your busy child to say "excuse me" before leaving the table may seem small, but it's a simple way to instill politeness in them.
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Toddler boy and girl playing with toys.
How to Encourage Toddler Language Development?
Toddler language development is crucial for a child's communication goals and overall growth. What should you do every day to help them improve their language and speech?
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Cute little girl in a white bed sleeping with a soft toy.
How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?
Sleep is very important for a child's growth and development at any age. Making sure your child gets enough sleep helps prevent long-term problems
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Preschoolers playing together in costumes
Socialization Skills for Preschoolers
One of the hardest, most confusing, and most satisfying parts of being a parent is teaching kids how to get along with others. Preschoolers need to learn how to get along with others to grow and develop.
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preschooler sleep training and tips
Preschooler Sleep Routines and Tips
It won't be easy to teach your child how to calm down and fall asleep on their own. That will take time. Preschooler sleep training can be hard on both you and your child.
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Mother comforting her preschooler
Positive Discipline Techniques for Preschoolers
When you use these five tried-and-true examples of positive punishment instead of getting angry, you teach your child that it is possible to handle frustrating situations without getting into a fight.
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Family having fun and running together
Family-Friendly Weekend Activities: Making the Most of Quality Time
Struggling to find activities that can delight everyone in your family? Don't worry! These are great things to do with your kids on the weekends when you all need to get out of the house. Even better, if you don't want to drive anywhere, there are also activities you can do at your house.
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mother and daughter are using tablet together
Screen Time Guidelines for School-Age Children: Balancing Fun and Learning
We hear exciting things about how tech-savvy the next generation will be and how far technology could come in their lives. But we hear just as much about how too much time in front of a screen can be bad for young minds. Many parents are left thinking, "How much screen time is too much for our kids?"
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teach empathy and responsibility to kids
Responsibility and Empathy: How to Raise Kids Who Care About Their Impact on Others
We should try to teach children to care about others because it's the right thing to do and because it's likely that they'll be happy and more successful if they can connect with and take care of others. They'll have better relationships for the rest of their lives, and happy people have good relationships.
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