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Tag: Kindness

Portrait of happy parents and kids lying on rug
Social Butterflies: Enhancing Your Child’s Interpersonal Skills
The most common interpersonal skills in child development are learning to talk to people, emotional intelligence, working with others, negotiating, persuading, and influencing skills, handling conflict, solving problems, and making decisions.
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Group of kids hugging
Making Connections: Fostering Friendships in Your Child’s Life
One of the best things about life is having friends. You can enjoy your time with them, depend on them, and be honest with them. Without friends, what would the world be like? Because you're a parent, you know how important friendship is and want nothing more than to help your kids make and value these special bonds with other people.
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girl making heart shape with hands in the field with sunlight
Teaching Gratitude and Generosity to Kids During the Holidays
It can be tough to slow down and be thankful when you're excited about getting gifts. While kids may not be doing anything wrong when they feel this way, that doesn't mean we should miss the chance to teach them how to be thankful during the holidays.
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Encourage Helpfulness and Kindness in Children
How to Encourage Helpfulness and Kindness in Children
Even before they start being kind, your kids can feel what it's like to be in someone else's shoes. You can teach them about understanding, giving, and kindness in a way that makes sense to them if they think about how they feel
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