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Preschool boy smiling happy playing on the playground.
Balancing Playtime and Learning for Preschoolers
You might not realize it, but play allows your child to learn about the world while they explore and test their limits. At the same time, they are doing something that makes them happy or entertained.
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all 4 seasons
Seasonal Art Activities for Children: Bringing the Outdoors In
There is no better way for kids to learn about all four seasons than to actually live through each one. Along with cute projects like cotton ball trees and paper plate trees, there are also fun ways to learn through play, such as sorting rocks and using your senses.
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Family having fun and running together
Family-Friendly Weekend Activities: Making the Most of Quality Time
Struggling to find activities that can delight everyone in your family? Don't worry! These are great things to do with your kids on the weekends when you all need to get out of the house. Even better, if you don't want to drive anywhere, there are also activities you can do at your house.
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mother and daughter are using tablet together
Screen Time Guidelines for School-Age Children: Balancing Fun and Learning
We hear exciting things about how tech-savvy the next generation will be and how far technology could come in their lives. But we hear just as much about how too much time in front of a screen can be bad for young minds. Many parents are left thinking, "How much screen time is too much for our kids?"
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Exploring Nature with Young Children
Exploring Nature with Young Children: Hiking and Outdoor Adventures
Time spent in the fresh air and natural surroundings is beneficial to both the health of the body and the mind. Outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, and bicycling are among people’s favorites, and the vast outdoors also provides a wonderful setting for unconstrained creative play at home and at a childcare center.
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Camping with Kids
Camping with Kids: Tips for a Successful Family Camping Trip
Taking your children along on a family camping trip is one of life’s greatest adventures. Most families love these trips because it's practically impossible for kids not to have a good time when we're talking about that tried-and-true recipe for fun: dirt, fire, stars, and untamed locations.
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Building Strong Family Bonds
Building Strong Family Bonds: Fun Activities for Parents and Kids
It's beneficial for your child's growth and welfare to spend time with them. That's because it strengthens your bond and gives your kid more self-confidence. Spending quality time with your child allows you to fully engage with them and convey the idea that they are your top priority.
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Toys for Outdoor Play
Choosing The Best Toys for Outdoor Play: When safety and fun can come together
Kids of all ages, from toddler and preschoolers, to school-age children and beyond, need to get outdoors as often as possible. Outdoor fun and games offer both mental and physical benefits, and that’s why kids at our daycare in Rockville, MD experience scheduled activities outside of the classroom.
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