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Adorable toddlers playing with colorful toys
Teaching Manners to Toddlers
Teaching your busy child to say "excuse me" before leaving the table may seem small, but it's a simple way to instill politeness in them.
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Toddler boy and girl playing with toys.
How to Encourage Toddler Language Development?
Toddler language development is crucial for a child's communication goals and overall growth. What should you do every day to help them improve their language and speech?
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Cute little girl in a white bed sleeping with a soft toy.
How Much Sleep Does My Child Need?
Sleep is very important for a child's growth and development at any age. Making sure your child gets enough sleep helps prevent long-term problems
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Preschoolers playing together in costumes
Socialization Skills for Preschoolers
One of the hardest, most confusing, and most satisfying parts of being a parent is teaching kids how to get along with others. Preschoolers need to learn how to get along with others to grow and develop.
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Teacher teaching at preschool in maryland
Developmental Milestones: What to Expect in the Preschool Years
A lot of kids learn how to do things and hit certain goals by a certain age, but not all of them do. Kids grow and change at different rates. But if they're not meeting developmental goals or are having trouble learning, they might need extra help getting ready for kindergarten.
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Happy family standing next to table full of ornaments on it, hugging and enjoying Christmas together.
Creative Ways to Keep Kids Engaged and Learning During Holiday Breaks
Every holiday season gives us a chance to spend more time with our families. Some parents worry that their children might not learn as much if they are not at school. Kids need to rest and recover. But that doesn't mean you can't offer a lot of fun, educational things that happen away from screens at home.
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preschooler boy, painting in a sunny art studio.
Exploring Different Art Mediums: Painting, Sculpting, and Crafting for Kids
Art is a normal thing for kids to do that helps them play freely. The freedom to play with different objects in a natural, unplanned way makes exploring and trying out new things possible. These creative projects and self-guided adventures are fun and teach you something. Exploring different art mediums gives young people a chance to practice a wide range of skills that are useful in life and help them learn.
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Babies playing together in Childcare
The Benefits of Early Socialization in Childcare Settings
Fostering connections with peers and individuals beyond the family circle forms a crucial foundation for various aspects of a child's ongoing growth and development. Introducing children to social interactions from an early age plays a pivotal role in bolstering their self-esteem and overcoming shyness.
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Develop Fine Motor Skills through Arts and Crafts
Helping Preschoolers Develop Fine Motor Skills through Arts and Crafts
Fine motor skills are a crucial aspect of a child's development, especially during the early years. These skills involve the coordination and control of small muscles in the hands and fingers, enabling children to perform intricate tasks such as holding a pencil, using scissors, buttoning clothes, and manipulating small objects.
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Promoting Early Literacy Skills in Preschool
Promoting Early Literacy Skills in Preschool Children
Literacy skills are the foundation of near and long-term success for adults and children alike. When it comes to promoting literacy skills in children, enrolling them early in preschool is a great first step.
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Developing Life Skills
Developing Life Skills: Practical Lessons in Before and After School Care
For both children and adults, life is a learning and development process. Young people may find the world to be frightening. For children to mature into well-adjusted, prosperous people, we must assist them in learning how to handle the many problems they may encounter.
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