The Heart in Child Care


Books from the Training Institute

What the Children Teach Us:
Portraits of High Quality Child Care

This booklet presents 33 photographs of high quality child care in action. Each picture is accompanied by commentary and discussion from experienced child care professionals, to help parents, students and child care providers better understand what quality child care can look like.
66 pages, $10.00

Best of the Best Activity Ideas
from the Training Institute, Books One and Two

Two "recipe" books with step-by-step instructions for over 50 of our best activities in art, music, games and outdoor play, math, cooking and science. Book One includes our trainers' favorite children's books, and additional resources for adults.
Book One: 77 pages, $10.00; Book Two: 78 pages, $10.00

Stories from the Field:
From Rocking the Cradle to Rocking the Boat

by Debbie Lebo and Valerie Rajotte

How and why do child care workers continue in our profession despite low wages and negligible benefits? Here are real-life answers, collected through written and oral interviews with child care staff, family care providers, child education students and parents throughout the Washington, D.C. area in 1998.
38 pages, $5.00

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