Professional Development

"I have grown as a teacher and MCCA has encouraged me to expand my opportunities."
"The training and the workshops helped me improve myself."
"My director encouraged me to grow in my position."
-- Staff Comments from MCCA's Annual Staff Survey

At Montgomery Child Care Association, child care can be your career, not "just a job:"

  • MCCA promotes from within whenever possible.

  • Many of our directors began their careers as MCCA aides or teachers.

At Montgomery Child Care, you can grow professionally with:

  • continuing education above and beyond State licensing requirements;

  • a Staff Scholarship Fund to help pay for child-care related college courses;

  • An Association-wide Staff Professional Day on Columbus Day, dedicated to networking and sharing ideas.

MCCA provides opportunities for leadership:

  • participation on MCCA committees and workgroups

  • involvement in child care advocacy efforts

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