Family Support

If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your child's development - physical, emotional, social or cognitive - Montgomery Child Care is glad to help. Please contact your center director with any questions, concerns or to request accomodations for your child. Among the resources we can offer are:

  • Individual consultations with your child's caregivers

  • Consultations with developmental specialists

  • Parent workshops

  • The lending library at your child's center

  • Referrals to community resources

Please ask your child's caregiver or your center director where to begin finding answers to your questions. Some free Montgomery County resources that we may suggest include:

  • ChildLink, 240-777-GROW (4769) provides assistance with child development issues and family support, including behavioral issues.

  • Infant and Toddlers Program, 240-777-3997 provides free assessment of children from birth to three, and early intervention services to address children's developmental needs.

  • Child Find, 301-947-6080 provides free developmental assessment of children 2 years and 9 months old through 4 years old in the developmental areas of speech, motor skills and cognition. Vision and hearing screenings are also available.

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