Financial Aid

Child Care Subsidies

All MCCA centers welcome families who receive child care subsidies from the State of Maryland or Montgomery County's Working Parents Assistance programs. And we subsidize those subsidies:

  • Families' vouchers-plus-co-payments usually do not cover the full cost of tuition.

  • We accept your voucher plus assigned co-payment as full payment of your child's tuition.

  • We make up the difference with our own funds and with donations from the United Way and Combined Federal Campaigns.

  • For more information about child care subsidies in Montgomery County, Maryland, please call 240-777-1155, or log on to to apply.

MCCA Family Emergency Scholarships

Lost your job? Or out of work due to serious illness? MCCA's Family Emergency Scholarship Fund provides temporary tuition assistance to families in our programs who experience a sudden financial hardship, such as job loss or serious illness, which makes them unable to afford their child care. Please contact your MCCA Center Director for details.

Richard Krampf Summer Adventures Scholarship Fund

richard krampf
Families who can afford their child care during the school year often struggle to afford the all-day programs they need when school is out for the summer. Richard Krampf Summer Adventures Scholarships help families cope with the increased cost of summer care, and give their children an enjoyable and stimulating place to spend their summer vacations. Please contact your MCCA Center Director for details.

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