Enrollment Forms

Required Forms for New Families

Once you have been offered a contract for child care, several forms are required to be completed before your child's first day at a MCCA program. You will need Adobe Reader to view and/or print these forms. You can fill out "All About Me" and the "Emergency Form" on the computer as they are in a writable pdf format. If you wish to do it by hand, you may print them out and do so.

For your Information:

Age Appropriate Immunization Requirements For Children Enrolled In Child Care Programs (MSDE)

Forms to fill out and return to your Center Director:

All About Me (MCCA 7/15)
Emergency Form (MSDE #1214, date 7/15)
Health Inventory (MSDE #1215, revised 5/16)
Medication Authorization (MSDE #1216, revised 8/15)
Immunization Certificate (DHMH Form 896 revised 2/14
A Parent's Guide to Regulated Child Care
Blood Lead Test Certificate (DHMH FORM 4620)
Emergency Health Plan (if necessary)
Allergy Action Plan (if necessary)
Asthma Action Plan (if necessary)
Additional permission forms required for summer:

Basic Needs Product Form
Water Safety Permission Form--Preschool

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