"MCCA has been able to provide just the nurturing, creative and supportive environment we had been looking for for our son. Here he is growing and learning problem-solving through play, math through art, creativity through messiness, and friendship and trust everyday. At home, he tells us about his friends, his teachers and the fun he had." --MCCA Parent

Preschool children are energetic, full of wonder, imagination and curiosity. Our preschool programs support your child in becoming a confident, enthusiastic learner who works and plays well with others.

In our child-friendly preschool classrooms you will find:

  • Defined interest areas your child can choose from, such as blocks, dramatic play, art, music, science and library

  • A generous supply of fun and stimulating materials to match your child's growing abilities

  • Softer, home-like areas as well as space for active group play

  • Daily outdoor play in a safe and challenging environment

Our experienced and trained caregivers work closely with you to support your child's development. Through careful observation of your child's interests and abilities they provide:

  • A balanced curriculum that addresses all areas of development

  • Hands-on activities, planned daily to promote your child's development through exploration and discovery

  • Enriched outdoor opportunities to support large motor development

  • Field trips and neighborhood exploration

  • Opportunities to develop social skills

  • Daily communication about your preschooler's activities, interests and ongoing development.

Preschool programs are available at:

3204 Tower Oaks Blvd., Suite 330, Rockville, MD 20852 Tel 301-984-7680 Fax