"I never thought I could leave my baby with someone else when I went back to work. But when I saw how well cared for the Park Street babies are - how truly loved they are - it made it easier. The infant teachers talked with us each day about what my daughter did. They gave us advice on getting her to nap and dealing with colic. They were really extended members of our family. We feel so lucky to be part of this loving and supportive community." --MCCA Parent

Our goal in infant/toddler care is to provide trustful, loving, responsive individual care and attention in a safe and stimulating environment.

In our infant-friendly environment you will find:

  • Window-lined rooms with abundant natural sunlight

  • A variety of play areas for both immobile infants and emerging walkers

  • Toys and materials that stimulate each baby's development

  • Comfortable seating for caregivers to hold and rock children

  • An outdoor play area with an infant-safe play deck and toddler-appropriate equipment.

Our experienced and trained caregivers work closely with you to support your infant and toddler's development. They respect your infant's unique personality and preferences, and plan carefully to provide:

  • A balance of one-on-one time and opportunities for independent exploration for each infant/toddler

  • Planned activities to stimulate your baby's development

  • Daily outdoor time appropriate to your child's skills

  • An individualized feeding and sleeping schedule for your child

  • Daily reports for you on your infant's eating, sleeping, activities and ongoing development

Infant & toddler programs, for children 2 to 24 months old, are available at:

3204 Tower Oaks Blvd., Suite 330, Rockville, MD 20852 Tel 301-984-7680 Fax